What we do

Playtime for your Dog! 

With Other's Dogs! 

Doing Dog Things!

Pick-Up / Drop-Off are not Included 

Standard Safety and "Positive" Training Protocols are adhered to (Sit, Wait, Recall, Leave-It) 

(All Activities are supervised in a non-hazardous open Space)

Accommodation is provided for All scheduling situations, including Red-Eye, Short-Notice and Long-Term Overnights

For more information contact: 

Text or Leave a Detailed Voicemail

(415) 806-9112 


Services are available 24/7 

(However, Advance Booking is Required)

If you have a puppy that requires basic training and socialization Consider contacting either of the following before using my services::

Sf Puppy-Prep (SOMA)

SmartyPup (SUNSET) 

Both are in San Francisco.

Malamute, Husky, Rottweiler, Hybrid, German, Shepherd, Short Hair, Akita, Wolf, Pyrenees, Intact, and ALL other Breeds are accepted. Please NOTE: there may be some limitations to activities due to the condition of the Dogs or environmental conditions.

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All Services & Rates

415 806 9112

Daycare :: $70/Day

Boarding (Non-Holiday) :: $85/Night

Boarding (Holiday) :: Minimum $125/Night

Transportation :: $65/One-Way (Within SF City)


In-Home Sitting is Performed by Kim O'Connor

whom can be reached at

(805) 748 1820

Inquire Directly for Rates